Wood Flooring Trends 2019

 Engineered White Ash Flooring
Engineered White Ash Flooring – Scandinavian Style

A wooden floor is arguably the biggest piece of furniture within an interior these days, keep one step ahead of  trending styles by reading on…

With our desire for authenticity, wooden flooring is sought after for its natural appeal and ability to transform the feel of an interior. Careful consideration is going into the selection process this year. Technology and product development, deepen design possibilities more than ever for our clients to showcase their style. Several themes preside though…

Scandinavian Style Wooden Floors

Wanderlust in wood trends is Scandinavian. White, wide and very long Douglas Fir  floorboards once seen, are hard to downsize to measly mundane formats. White and light is a key element in creating the hygge factor and creates a blank canvas …the very  reason art galleries and museums adopt white walls and wooden floors.

Open-Plan – Engineered Wood Flooring

American White Ash engineered flooring
American White Ash engineered flooring -Scandinavian style. Thanks to Hogarth Architects & Pixangle

Open plan is a beautiful concept but notoriously hard to execute seamlessly without floor-type transitions. Unless you choose wooden floors, which just flow and where highly-desired, wide and long floorboards come into play. It’s no longer a designer’s secret that wide planks increase space visually. Large floorboards work equally well in a contemporary interior, yet lend authenticity to an industrial, coastal or rustic aesthetic. More of the beautiful wood grain, character and figuring is visible, adding to its natural appeal as a living material.

Textured Wood Flooring

Surface texture is making a serious statement. A floor reveals patterns and textures at second glance. What’s important is the subtle effect that triggers a subconscious feel, underlining the character of the room. Brushing pulls the soft grain & enhances the natural ingrained texture. Band-Sawing creates a rough-sawn rippling a modern plot twist of distressed.

Natural Oak Flooring

Cool natural tones are strongly preferred. Particurlary in engineered oak flooring and engineered Pine flooring . There is a strong shift away from glossy finishes , golden oak and  honey pine hues. Mixed-widths combined with natural tones as specified in the floor above give a nod to the past with a modern natural twist.

Gappy Wooden Floorboards

Band Sawn White Washed Oak Flooring - Gappy
Band Sawn Oak flooring – Gappy

Call them ship-deck style , extra-long tongue or gappy but these defined floorboards are seriously gaining in momentum. They can be deployed to provide different fwooden floor styles to an interior:

  • Fixed room-sized lengths for a nautical nod to Ship Deck Style
  • Add definition and visual interest to White Washed Wooden flooring for a contemporary edge. 
  • For a time-shrunk rustic floorboard effect best served with mixed-width floorboards in Antiqued, Natural or textured finishes.

Goodbye Gloss! Matte Wooden Floors

Douglas Fir Flooring - white lye and soap effect stain
Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring – Scandi – White lye and soap effect

It’s goodbye to gloss and hello low-lustre! Matte and subtly sheened finishes are understatedly stylish and de rigeur.

Greige Wooden Flooring

nature oiled
Engineered Natural Oak Flooring – beautiful greige tones.

Grey is here to stay but in 2018 a softened grey x beige  – Greige. ‘Grege’ is actually the french word for raw silk and describes this beautiful tone succinctly. Greys and beiges are found naturally within unfinished Oak and retained by specifying our Natural UV Oil finish .The versatile and natural new neutral.

Textured Natural Oak Flooring

 Band-Sawn Natural Oak flooring – Mixed-width

The floor above encapsulates  3 of this year’s trending styles in one floor. Texture, traditonal style mixed width flooring  and Natural tones…genius.

So there you have it , this year we will see  a continuing refinement of emerging themes, Scandinavian style white and wider wooden floors, rippled and brushed textures,  chalky-matte warm whites, and driftwood greige / greys….did I mention Parquet?