Our Story

Woodflooring Engineered Ltd are proudly a British manufacturer of high-end bespoke engineered wooden flooring and parquet. We are quintessentially a British family business with a heritage in engineered design and a passion for production. Having manufactured wooden floors and parquet for thirty years, we are extremely proud to have been invited to represent British Manufacturing, by featuring in the 2018 Parliamentary Review.


Bespoke Manufacture

Rick Stein’s Sandbanks Bespoke Stained & Band-Sawn Appalachian Oak engineered flooring

Lavish talk and over-promising on lead-times however is simply not our style. We manufacture high-quality, beautifully engineered floors, to individual specifications and time-frames. Pride in production and respect for our clients, means that we will not compromise on quality and delivery in the name of profit.


We work closely alongside London’s leading architects and interior designers and export our beautiful tailor-made floors worldwide. Recent clients include Rick Stein’s, Wagamamas, Jamie Oliver, The Duchy Of Cornwall, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Radleys of London. Not wanting to name-drop but…Guy Ritchie, Bill Bryson, Andy Murray are also amongst our A-list of clients.

Somerset Factory & Showroom

A wide variety of both our classic and trending floors are on display at our Somerset factory showroom, where you will receive expert advice as opposed to a sales pitch on our competitively priced products.


Our bespoke engineered wooden flooring and parquet is sustainably sourced, using only the finest F.S.C. timbers.

Our timbers include; our native English Oak and English Elm, Douglas FirAppalachian White Oak, American White Ash and American Black Walnut.

Finishes: UV Oiling, Lacquering, Staining, Brushed & Band-sawn.

Floor-board Styles:        Square-shoulder, Micro-bevelled & Gappy / Ship’s Deck Style


Under The Surface – Somerset Floods 2014

In 2014, we became synonomous with the 2014 flooding that devastated the Somerset  levels and almost our family business.  Our factory is located, at what was the epicentre in Burrowbridge.

Sixty square miles of Somerset were submerged. These were terribly tough times; for our neighbours – whose homes were decimated, farmers – homes and livelihoods were destroyed, for our business and wonderful employees – our factory was submerged for 9 months, under 12 feet of water.

Lessons were learnt however, firm friendships formed, community spirit soared and the beautiful habitat of the Somerset Levels and its unique residents and wildlife have returned.

The video below documents the flooding through the lens of professional photographer Matilda Temperley, sister of fashion designer Alice Temperley  who captured the devastation in an ironically beautiful way. At the beginning of 2014 her 99 year old grandfather’s house and her father’s barns and farmland were flooded. In an attempt to increase the press attention to this man-made disaster, Matilda began documenting the floods and the effects on the community. Matilda’s images and account of the floods has been used in the UK by amongst others the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph, The Observer, The Guardian, Yahoo, The Daily Mail and The NFU as well as various international publications.