Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

engineered douglas fir flooring
Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring – Scandi style

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring is a sustainable & simply stunning Scandinavian style wooden floor. Douglas Fir is a fast growing, naturally beautiful timber with radiant pinky undertones, and usually crown-cut to display a long vertical grain along the floorboards. Douglas Fir flooring is widely used in Scandinavian interiors as it lends itself to a bleached Lye and Soap finish. Whitewashed wooden floors and white walls are key elements of Scandinavian style – diffusing natural light and maximising a sense of well-being and space.

Douglas Fir Flooring – Lye & Soap Finish

Douglas Fir Flooring lye and soap finish
Douglas Fir Flooring – Lye & Soap . Scandi style whitewashed wooden flooring.

Wood Lye is a mild, non-corrosive bleach, widely used to create whitewashed Douglas Fir flooring. Wood lye bleaches the timber and also prevents yellowing or goldening that occurs with exposure to sunlight.

Soaping is a secondary process that cleans and protects Douglas Fir flooring against dirt and grease. Soaping also plays a part in keeping Solid Douglas Fir Flooring both stable and from splitting. Regular soaping helps to maintain and replenish a suitable moisture content within the timber.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

As all of our flooring is engineered for inherent stability, soaping our engineered Douglas Fir Flooring to maintain floor stability is not required. Soaping is a most effective method of protecting against and cleaning dirt, even watermarks and slight dents however can also be removed by soap mopping. Routine soaping is crucial to rejuvenating a crisp white finish and maintaining a stunning Douglas Fir floor.

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring UK Manufacturer
Engineered Douglas Fir flooring

We manufacture all of our Engineered Douglas Fir flooring from start to finish at our Somerset factory. Douglas Fir is a softwood, an evergreen conifer species in the Pine family . These fast-growing, very tall pine trees typically top 100 metres in height. Due to the immensity of the trees; Douglas Fir yields super-wide and luxuriously long room-length floorboards. We manufacture the softwood timber into beautiful wide-plank engineered Pine flooring.

Our Super Wide Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

Engineered Douglas Fir flooring

Whitewashed wooden floors create a beautiful, natural blank canvas to showcase architectural details and furnishings and the reason why our Scandinavian style engineered Douglas Fir flooring has remained one of our most popular for nearly a decade. Scandinavian style is a modern classic and a firm fixture within Interior Design schemes.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring - Saatchi White Lye and Soap effect stain + Low Lustre UV Oil Top-Coat
Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring Specification

  • Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring comprises of a very thick 8mm Solid Douglas Fir wear-layer and 15mm Birch Plywood substrate.
  • The floorboard thickness  is 23/24mm (this can be reduced if required).
  • End-Matched engineered Pine flooring: Tongue & grooved on all 4 sides.
  • Our Douglas Fir floorboards are machined with a micro-bevel as standard (long sides). Square-shoulder available on request.
  • Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is produced in wide-plank floorboards up to 260 mm wide.
  • Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring lengths are typically 2400mm, some boards may be built-up to obtain length. Expect some shorter lengths in a pack.
  • Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring is supplied filled and sanded, ready-to-finish.
  • Prices are per square metre and exclusive of V.A.T.
  • Douglas fir is a softwood not a hardwood. It is likely that in service, small splits and / or shakes will appear. After a period, the timber settles and these defects can be repaired, enhancing the aesthetic quality of the product.
  • Please note that descriptions and photographs of individual grades depict typical characteristics to expect.
  • Douglas Fir being a natural material denotes that each floor is inherently unique