Douglas Fir Flooring or Engineered Ash Flooring?

Engineered Pine Flooring -

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas Fir Flooring is a coveted wooden floor indeed. Our love affair with the Scandi trend for white lye and soap bleached wooden floors seems to have reigned forever and shows no sign of waning. We love Nordic style white walls and white wooden floors…art gallery style interiors that not only maximise space , reflect natural light but showcase our carefully chosen furniture and objects.

alternative to douglas fir flooring

What many people do not appreciate is that Douglas Fir is a softwood. As its classification suggests Douglas Fir is a ‘soft wood’ and engineered pine flooring is prone to denting, cracking and splitting. This is the very nature of this timber and to be expected. After a period, the timber settles and splits and shakes can be filled / repaired, enhancing the aesthetic quality of the floor.

It was a sad decision but we decided 4 months ago to halt the production of Douglas Fir Flooring for the reasons above and we felt  its unsuitability as engineered tongue and groove wooden flooring.

American White Ash Engineered Flooring

Engineered American White Ash flooring is a durable alternative to Douglas Fir Flooring

For those seeking Scandinavian style Douglas Fir flooring but requiring a durable alternative, we recommend our Engineered American White Ash flooring  – Saatchi. American White Ash with our translucent , natural white stain is a perfect preference for a hard wearing . low maintenance Scandi style / Dinesen style wooden floor. American White Ash as well as being a whiter shade of pale with beautiful figuring is a very hard, hardwood and the timber used to make baseball bats, pool cues etc.

Our translucent white stain  – Saatchi gives the bleached effect of white lye and soap, minus the maintenance. Many of our clients do not know that a white lye and soap finish is semi-permanent and needs to be extremely regularly reapplied to both maintain whiteness and protect the wooden flooring.

American White Ash engineered flooring - SaatchiAmerican White Ash FlooringAmerican White Ash engineered flooring in London townhouseAmerican White Ash flooring - durable alternative to Douglas Fir FlooringAmerican White Ash engineered flooring is a durable alternative to Douglas Fir FlooringAmerican White Ash engineered flooring is a durable alternative to Douglas Fir FlooringAmerican White Ash engineered flooring  - Scandi Styledinesen style white engineered ash flooringAmerican White Ash engineered flooring  American White Ash engineered flooringwhite ash engineered flooringAmerican White Ash engineered wood flooring

Our engineered Ash flooring once stained is finished with a hardwearing Matt UV Oil finish for a rapid installation and permanent protection.

If you would like to read more about Douglas Fir Flooring please visit our main site or click here to view more images and details  / or receive a sample of our Scandi Style substitute  – Engineered White Ash Flooring – Saatchi.